Coating Specialist, LLC to apply products per recommendation and to meet and exceed contractual obligations




1. Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Proper Safety equipment (eye protection, ear protection, gloves, respirator, steel toed boots, properly suited with vest & hard hat (harness in lift)) 2. HAZARDS: 3. Hazard Analysis form


1. Greyco 7900 (picture) 2. PoleGuns (picture) 3. Proper tip size for product (website) 4. Drill generator for mixing material 5. Brushes 6. Rollers 7. Extra naps 8. Latex gloves.


    1. GROUND CREW – employees who ensure the coater/equipment have everything needed in order to execute proper application.
    2. MIXING CREW – employees who mix together anti-graffiti.
    3. PREP CREW – employees who sandblast and pressure wash prior to application.
    4. SPRAY CREW – coaters who apply the product.


1. Check that all necessary equipment and PPE for proper application PRIOR TO LEAVING FOR SITE. 2. Show up on site ON TIME 3. CONTACT THE SUPERVISOR of job site. Share and understand prep-work, equipment needed and application process. 4. Fill out, go through and sign HAZARD ANALYSIS 5. Fill in the CHECKLIST throughout the entire process (time, temperature and pictures) 6. COMPLETE prep work. 7. COMPLETE product application. 8. REVIEW days work with supervisor and have them sign off.


1. Make sure surface is properly sandblasted, pressure washed and dry. 2. Make sure area is secure, and the mixer, sprayer and ground crews are properly equipped (PPE) (respirator, latex gloves, safety glasses) 3. String out and check 7900 HOSE. 4. Put on and secure proper SCREEN on 7900 STINGER. 5. Put the damp proofing under the stinger (picture) and start pump. 6. Turn on PUMP SWITCH and PRIME LINE. 7. Spray cleaning fluid out of lines until only damp-proofing is spraying. 8. INSERT TIP into gun housing. 9. Begin and finish application process. 10. Remove damp proofing from under stinger and replace with bucket of xylene. 11. Run xylene through pump and lines. 12. Place tips in small cup of xylene. 13. Put away mixing equipment. 14. Roll up hose.

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