How many miles are on the StormCruzzer?

210,000 as of July, 2019

What's with the doohickey on the roof for?

We've custom built a roof rack to help protect the vehicle from hail and other debris.

What kind of radios and electronics do you run?​

We run a Cobra CB and Amateur 2m radio for communication. As for other electronics, we have a 3000W power inverter hardwired into one of our batteries to power all of our laptops, phones, cameras, etc. We also use a Verizon Wireless hotspot with a WeBoost wifi signal booster.

What makes the StomCruzzer so much safer than other vehicles?

The weight, power. and dual rear wheels of the StormCruzzer keep it stable in high winds. The entire body of the truck has been painted in a bullet resistant coating of RhinoLinings to help keep us safe from debris. Lastly, we've fabricated steel hail and debris guards to help protect the windows from flying debris.

How much power does the StormCruzzer make?

650HP and 1500ft/lbs of torque

How much does the StormCruzzer weigh?

Fully loaded with crew and gear, roughly 11,000lbs.

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