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Steel Grit SDS UNIWEST - (303) 388-1224 JOSH (BLASTRAC) (405)503-7776


Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Proper Safety equipment (eye protection, ear protection, gloves, respirator, steel toed boots, properly suited with vest & hard hat (harness in lift)) HAZARDS: Hazard Analysis form


  1. Blastrac shot blaster
  2. Steel shot
  3. Magnet to pick up steel shot
  4. Bags for the dust collector
  5. Diesel
  6. Back pack blowers
  7. Brooms
  8. Shovels
  9. Heavy mill plastic
  10. Buckets
  11. Wheelbarrow
  12. Grease Gun


EQUIPMENT OPERATOR – employees who operate the shot blaster. PREP CREW – employees who sandblast edges. CLEAN-UP CREW – employees that blow down deck, walk magnet to clean up steel shot and switch out the dust collection bags on shot blaster.


1. Check that all necessary equipment and PPE for proper application PRIOR TO LEAVING FOR SITE. 2. Show up on site ON TIME 3. CONTACT THE SUPERVISOR of job site. Share and understand prep-work, equipment needed and application process. 4. Fill out, go through and sign HAZARD ANALYSIS 5. Fill in the CHECKLIST throughout the entire process (time, temperature and pictures) 6. COMPLETE prep work. 7. COMPLETE product application. 8. REVIEW days work with supervisor and have them sign off.



  1. Make sure the deck is clear of everything (rocks, nails, construction debris, etc. anything larger a dime size)
  2. Start the blast trac and adjust throttle to 1/4 throttle position.
  3. Allow the machine to sit and warm-up for minimum 2 mins.
  4. Adjust blast tray height to proper position.
  5. Drive Blastrac to starting position on deck.
  6. Ensure the Blastrac is in neutral, with shop valve closed.
  7. Raise throttle to ¾’s position, and then begin moving forward.
  8. Engage the clutch, raise throttle to full power.
  9. Open the shop valve.
  11. Close shop valve.
  12. Disengage Clutch.
  13. Lower throttle back to ¼ position.
  14. Bring machine to a halt.
  15. Lower blast tray to ground level.
  1. Make sure machine is at a halt and is in lowest throttle position.
  2. Lower blast tray to ground level.
  3. Walk to back of machine and close dust valves. Ensure anyone involved with bag removal/cleanup has a respirator on!
  4. Untie/unbungie cord bags.
  5. Drop BAG ARMS.
  6. Pull bags off and insert new bags.
  7. Place used bags in designated receptacles.
  8. Raise bag arms into proper position.
  9. Open dust valve.
  10. Return to blasting or load machine onto trailer.
  1. Make sure machine is at a halt, with CLUTCH DISENGAGED, tray is at ground level and throttle is at lowest position.
  2. Operator walk over to shot fill up, loosen knob, and open shot tray.
  3. Dump shop bags 1 bag at a time into shot tray until tray is full (no more than 3 bags).
  4. Close shot tray and tighten knob.
  5. Pull and dump shot screen.
  6. Return to blasting.

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